Support us

We are always on the hunt for those extra dollars which allow us to keep serving the elderly in need. Providing the excellent care we do give for our 35 needy elderly residents is possible only because of the generosity of people who understand the critical mission of Mountain View. No federal, state or county funds come directly to Mountain View.
We use donations very frugally to comply with all the government rules and regulations, staff training requirements, pay for valued employees, groceries and all the other things it takes to operate a home for 35 residents all day every day.
A combination of community donations and our residents' own meager resources provides the funds needed to support the residentsʼ rent and care.
At a cost of about $1,587 per month (as of 1/1/2009) and with the residents paying about $750 a month on the average, itʼs a real challenge.
How can you help?
A resident poses beside an inflated Santa